Coat Rack, Part One

october6th2014 010

october6th2014 011

october6th2014 015

A beautiful, hanging coat rack was just what we needed in our home. The only problem was wall space and location- the kitchen doesn’t have an area where it would logistically make sense so I went with a blank space in the living room that I’ve been wanting to decorate.  Since I intended it’s use to be for bags and not coats, I felt this space would work (and I love it! It’s function meets form.) There are all manners of really cool ways to make a hanging coat rack: re-purposing skis, oars, branches.  For the hardware you could use rail road spikes, octopus coat hangers, roofing nails.  I had every intention of making my own but when I came across this piece and it’s great hooks and hardware, I knew I had my first coat rack for my new home.  All it needed was a fresh coat of paint- I didn’t like or agree with the maker’s version of rustic- the distressing was too intentional. I declared it perfect after a couple of coats of Mountain Midnight. xo, Ev.


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