DIY Lavender Sachets

lastofseptphotos 071


For me, lavender is one of the most beautiful and calming scents there are. It took me a while to come around to it. I first truly fell in love when I added some lavender syrup to my hot chocolate (a coffeeshop I used to work at had the best hot chocolate I’ve ever had- the rich, hand mixed, expensive stuff.) I then bought a bottle of essential oil and would add a few drops to whatever I felt needed it: band aids for my cuts (it’s medicinal properties are numerous), bandanas, into a spray bottle with some water (store bought body spray smells too fake for me- I can smell the alcohol over the scent,) bath water.  I would use lavender in my tea and in my spice mixes (I use it in my Herbes de Province mix.)

This summer I spent a lot of time at my in-laws’ house- my haven, right on the ocean. My mum in law lets me play in her garden and, bless her heart, raid it to my heart’s content! The abundance of lavender in her garden is astounding. Every time I would take some, it would grow back before my eyes!  Of course, I’m exaggerating for effect, but not by much. All of this lavender really got me thinking about how to preserve it long after the snow hits the ground.  I have a few bundles in some rooms of my house but when I came up with lavender sachets (I always liked to have some in my drawers and baskets growing up) I knew I had the perfect way.

They’re so easy to make! I did mine on a sewing machine (I’ve had an on and mostly off relationship with sewing machines over the years so this will not be a tutorial per say) for three quarters of it, sewing it inside out.  I then turned it outside in and filled it with lavender- I found a funnel to be really helpful for this part.  I then sewed up the rest by hand, hiding the stitches as I went (mostly, anyway, I need to brush up on my sewing skills!) and made sure to tuck the tail inside of the sachet. This part is really easy and a great trick: I pulled the needle out a couple of inches away from where it went in and made sure to push the fabric down as I held the thread taut and cut it. As you let go of the fabric, the tail will be pulled back inside of the sachet and will stay tucked away.

There are many ways to make sachets and as I make more, I will keep you posted. I have plans for personalized embroidered sachets and fabric tea bags.  All of these make great Christmas stocking stuffers, birthday presents, home warming gifts and just a sweet way to say you care. I want to see what you come up with! Use the hashtag #knowloveknowcolor on Instagram so I can see your fun projects!  xo, Ev.


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