DIY Painted Branches

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Painted branches are a great way to sweeten up a corner in your home and are a cheap and easy craft- great for a fun project by yourself, with friends and even with kids.  All you need is some paint and branches! I found all of my branches either on beaches (I’m always on the hunt for driftwood when I’m at the ocean) or in the woods on my morning hikes.

I used both acrylic and spray paint for mine, taping off the ends with one of my favorite items in my arsenal- blue artist tape.  I kept mine mostly simple for this round but the next batch I’m working on I am using triangles and other geometric designs to make them more playful.

There are a variety of different mediums you can use to achieve all kinds of creative results: nail polish, paint markers, white out pens, even photo transfers if you have a big enough branch! I want to see what you guys come up with so the next time you’re on Instagram, use the hashtag #knowloveknowcolor  and be sure to follow me, @knowloveofficial for more projects! xo, Ev.


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