DIY Painted Planter

1-october7th2014 005

october6th2014 016

Plants are a necessity for me and as a result I have a lot of plain terra cotta and plastic planters to look at. I do have some gorgeous ceramic pots in my home but instead of switching over to more I decided to have some fun and re-vamp the ones I already have.  I did a lot of planters where the main body was one color and the rim another (making sure to paint the inside as well) but for this particular one I decided to draw leaves on it for added pop. I used a sharpie marker for the outline and Crayola super tips for the fill.  Next up for my planters I will be making lacy knitted covers! Use the hashtag #knowloveknowcolor on Instagram so I can see how you decorate your planters! xo, Ev.

Sweatshirt by Little Owl Arts.  She has a great Etsy shop and you can find her blog here:


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