Homemade Apple Sauce- Farm to Table

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Making homemade apple sauce is one of the easiest foods to make- the hardest aspect of it was how long it took to to peel and cut the apples up.  So for those of you who are intimidated, don’t be anymore!

I spent a wonderful afternoon with a dear friend of mine, Monique, talking, laughing and relaxing in the warm fall sun as we wandered about the Carver Hill Apple Orchard.  In the time we were there we covered some controversial topics, some news about friends, what friendship means to us and how to make homemade apple sauce.  Food is manna for the soul, after all, and Monique and I share a love for fresh, healthy, tasty food.  So as we picked, she shared this very simple recipe of hers with me:

Homemade Apple Sauce

Use as many apples as you would like and put into appropriate cookware *

Cover the bottom of your cookware with water to keep apples from burning

Let simmer for 20 minutes or until apples are mushy

Strain any water out

Use a potato masher and mash it up!

Sprinkle some cinnamon over and serve hot or chilled.

*Depending on how many apples you use (I used 15 in my process earlier) you can use anything from a dutch oven or crock pot to a skillet.  A food processor or blender is optional (in lieu of a potato masher) but I don’t feel the need because the apples are so soft and it’s just that much more to clean.  Let me know how yours came out! Happy cooking! xo, Ev.


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