Contents of my Knitting Bag

knittingbag 002

As a knitter I get a lot of questions.  One of the most frequently asked is: “What do you carry around in your knitting bag?”  So much, my friends, so much!

knittingbag 001

1. Stitch holders.

2. Clover point protector.

3. Boye size f crochet hook.

4. Size 7 circular needle (I make a LOT of hats.)

5. Mayan bead.

6. Pen.

7. Susan Bates “knit-chek.”

8. Chapstick (I have one in every room.)

9. Slip N Snip scissors.

10. Two darning needles.

11. Measuring tape.

12. Stitch markers.

13. Bike chain stitch marker (I like to work on bikes.)

14. Scrap yarn.

15. Row counter.

16. Three sets of DPNs (Sizes 0, 1 & 7.)

17. Cable needles.

 The bag itself was handmade by the Again and Again recycled sails company in Gloucester, MA.  Here is a link to her website:   Each bag is handcrafted and super durable.  I can’t recommend them enough! What’s in your knitting bag?  xo, Ev.


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