The Sketchbook Project

Christmas 2013 I was given a sketchbook, from my husband, for a present. Said sketchbook came from The Sketchbook Project, an ongoing and ever growing collection of completed sketchbooks that travel around the US- it’s a little pricy ($25 for a sketchbook and $60 for the sketchbook to be digitized as well.) For more information about this and to get a blank sketchbook yourself, check out their website:

Every year I enjoy taking on a new year long drawing project. For 2012 it was a sketch a day and for this year? Well, I’m interested to hear what you have for ideas. I have been so wrapped up in completing this sketchbook (the deadline is March 31st, 2015) that I haven’t given any thought other than “eyes” to a new one.

I would highly suggest checking out what other artists have done with their sketchbooks- some have done pop-up art, others have gone multi-media, some art straight up comic books. It’s really inspiring for me to see what other people put into their books- some of my favorites come from graffiti artists (in the graffiti world they’re called black books.) Here are the contents of mine, from cover to the very end. I want to see what you put in your books so use the hash tag #knowloveknowcolor for a repost on my instagram feed! xo, Ev.

january27th2015 001

january27th2015 002

january27th2015 003

january27th2015 004

january27th2015 020

january27th2015 021

january27th2015 022

january27th2015 011

january27th2015 023

january27th2015 024

january27th2015 016

january27th2015 017

january27th2015 018

january27th2015 019


3 thoughts on “The Sketchbook Project

  1. That is suck a great idea and there are soo many others to look at also! You should sign up for the Painting Pen Pal they have going on right now!


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