Caught My Eye: Glorifying Fall

If you were to ask me which out of the 4 seasons is my favorite, I’d never be able to pick. The onset of each season makes that one the current favorite, which means fall is it. In spring, I revel in the newness of it all, of the cycle beginning again, of green buds erupting in unison. In the summer time, I slather on my favorite sunscreen and spend as much time in or near the ocean as possible. In the winter, I light a fire and watch the snow coating the lawn, always hoping for the best kind with which to build a snowman.

But Fall. Fall is my current favorite. It means apple picking, leaves turning glorious colors, cooler weather (hiking is a lot slower in the summer; in the fall we cover more ground,) pumpkin flavored coffee. It means it’s time to read more serious books and drink hot toddies. It means layers and it means it’s time to start dreaming about skiing again. So in honor of fall, these are some of my favorite photos from past ones. What do you love about fall? xo, Ev.

second download 144

second download 138

second download 137

second download 109

october18th 023


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