sprocket19This is Sprocket and I. Sprocket is the best dog I could have hoped for. She’s my partner in crime as we wander the trails, I work in my studio and enjoy life.

As for myself… knowloveknowhope is one of the two monikers I use (fortytwoseventy being the other) for my art and for my other projects that could be called crafting but are usually just a form of re-purposing. I also love to knit (voraciously so,) read (usually about 5 books at a time,) ride my bicycle, and take many photographs. This blog is for those who would like a peek into my life- it is not just another crafting or knitting blog! I get asked a lot, “What do you do?” Here it is, my friends: how I fill my days- with love (in addition to a great dog, I have a fantastic husband,) creativity, reading, yoga and exploration. I am one lucky gal.

wedding2This is Chris, my husband and best friend. We’re hanging out in Lanesville, one of the most magical places in the world for me.

You can see (many) more photos of what I do on instagram: @knowloveknowhope

xo, Ev.





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