The Abandoned Lagoon House.

My honeymoon was spent in Costa Rica, just outside of Jaco. My husband and I explored the jungle via foot, horseback and ziplines, swimming at all of the beaches we could find in between, including Playa Hermosa. This house was located across from said beach, right on the edge of a lagoon. The graffiti wasn’t very good but it was interesting to see; I’m curious as to why there wasn’t much more than tags.

Before I show you the house… This is the beautiful, gnarly and famed Playa Hermosa, located in Jaco, Costa Rica. This beach is absolutely incredible; we made several trips here to soak it all in. You have to be careful not to get knocked over even just standing there.


Screenshot_2015-08-08-16-24-26This is where the waves converged from 5 different directions. My husband and I would seek out points such as these and then let the waves break against us.

And now back to the point of this piece… This abandoned lagoon house.

honeymoon, mostly 073

honeymoon, mostly 074

honeymoon, mostly 076

honeymoon, mostly 077

honeymoon, mostly 078

honeymoon, mostly 079

honeymoon, mostly 080Yes, I climbed up the rickety stairs to the roof, much to the concern of my husband, and it was worth it. I saw some interesting wildlife in the lagoon and an interesting view.

honeymoon, mostly 081

honeymoon, mostly 082

honeymoon, mostly 083

honeymoon, mostly 084I really wish I could see what the house and property looked like before it went to ruin! xo, Ev.


Hand Knit Cabled Baby Blanket

I knit this blanket with malabrigo wool, which is ridiculously soft and so amazing to knit with. It’s also very warm and not at all scratchy. I have it on my project list to knit a large blanket for our bed with it, as well as a sweater. The pattern is incredibly easy (are you sensing a theme here, in regards to my patterns? My idea of incredibly easy is when a project is repetitive enough that you can mindlessly knit away) and made a lot of fun with the cables and seed stitch.

june22nd2015 007Know Love Cabled Baby Blanket

Finished size: length is 28 1/2 inches and the width is 23 inches.

Materials needed: Size 7 US Needles (I used circular needles, 32 inches in length,) cable needle, stitch markers (this is optional but really good for the beginning,) 5 skeins of worsted weight yarn of your choosing.

Yarn used: 2 skeins of Malabrigo Worsted Weight Buscando Azul and 3 skeins of Malabrigo Worsted Weight Polar Morn.


Cast on 212 stitches, placing the first marker after the fourth stitch and the second marker after the 208th stitch. This will mark the borders, which are worked in seed stitch.

Work Rows 1-4 in seed stitch.

Work the next 12 rows as follows: odd rows are to be knit with the first 4 stitches worked in seed stitch, knit 12 and purl 4 (repeating 13 times EXCEPT on the last repeat where you only knit 12) and work the last 4 stitches in seed stitch. The even rows are to be knit with the first 4 stitches worked in seed stitch, purl 12 and knit 4 (repeating 13 times EXCEPT on the last repeat where you only purl 12) and work the last 4 stitches in seed stitch. You will start this pattern on an odd row.

Cable Pattern for Main Body (this does not include the border stitches):

R1: Knit 12 stitches, purl 4. Repeat 13 times. Do not purl 4 in the last repeat.

R2: And all even rows, purl 12 stitches, knit 4. Repeat 13 times. Do not knit 4 in the last repeat.

R3: C8B, K4, purl 4

R5: Knit 12 stitches, purl 4. Repeat 13 times. Do not purl 4 in the last repeat.

R7: K4, C8F, purl 4

R9: Knit 12 stitches, purl 4. Repeat 13 times. Do not purl 4 in the last repeat.

R11: C8B, K4, purl 4

R13: Knit 12 stitches, purl 4. Repeat 13 times. Do not purl 4 in the last repeat.

R15: K4, C8F, purl 4

Main Body: Work first 4 stitches in seed stitch, work the cable pattern 13 times, work last 4 stitches in seed stitch (Note: you do not need to purl 4 before the seed stitches.) Repeat this until you have worked through most of your 5th skein of yarn. Piece will measure 26 1/2 inches at this point.

Work the next 12 rows as follows (beginning with an odd row): odd rows are to be knit with the first 4 stitches worked in seed stitch, knit 12 and purl 4 (repeating 13 times EXCEPT on the last repeat only knit 12) and work the last 4 stitches in seed stitch. The even rows are to be knit with the first 4 stitches worked in seed stitch, purl 12 and knit 4 (repeating 13 times EXCEPT in the last repeat only purl 12) and work the last 4 stitches in seed stitch.

Work last 4 rows in seed stitch and bind off.

Enjoy, and I’d love to see photos of your completed blankets! If you’re on Instagram, tag your photos with the hashtag #knowloveknowcolor. xo, Ev.

june22nd2015 008

june22nd2015 009

Crochet Basket

june22nd2015 002This basket was my first crochet project and now I get all of the hype… Crocheting is addicting, relaxing and entertaining. I found the rhythm of it easy with this super bulky yarn (which had the added bonus of being a quick and easy project.)

Disclaimer: I will tell you how I did this but know going into it that I adopted the philosophy of “just wing it” and did not follow a pattern! Crochet patterns are a mystery to me and I figure everything out by trial and error. Not being able to read a pattern means that I also don’t know how to write one. With that said…

I first started with a chain of 100 and single crocheted until it was the length needed for the desired circumference of the basket. I then seamed it together, inside out, using a single crochet. It looks good on the right side, which is important to me, but doesn’t have that seamless look- that’s my next skill to learn!

june22nd2015 003The handles were done separately, and crocheted to the basket itself.

june22nd2015 006

For the bottom I crocheted in a flat circle until it fit the basket. Again, I crocheted it to the basket, inside out.

And that’s it! It wasn’t meant to be stiff to the point of standing straight up; I achieved the perfect balance between stiffness and floppiness by using a super bulky yarn and a hook that was a size smaller than one would normally use. I crocheted this specifically to hold yarn and my only requirements were for the handles to be durable (and they sure are… There is a lot of weight in yarn there and it’s only half full!) I’d love to see what baskets you’ve been crocheting- share them on Instagram using the hashtag #knowloveknowcolor for a chance to be featured on my Instagram site! xo, Ev.

Caught My Eye

One of the hardest things I’ve had to do in my pregnancy is to slow it down during our hikes yet it has also been the most rewarding. It’s been rewarding because I keep spotting really awesome details, such as insects everywhere, like this daddy long legs, hanging out on the mossy tree.

06042015 001Mushrooms are my favorite to spot and I’ve always keep an eye out for them. I am currently researching mushroom and toadstool guides to see which one I’d like to buy. Any suggestions and favorites, leave it in the comment section below!

06042015 002

06042015 011Sprocket is a Puerto Rican rescue dog so we don’t really know what mix she actually is. I see a lot of whippet in her as well as some cocker spaniel and for sure, terrier. Which makes me love this photo all the more that she stopped chasing after this wood frog (Disclaimer: I could be wrong about the identification of species) long enough for me to get a photo.

06042015 016As soon as we got into the car, a torrential downpour started- it couldn’t have been better timing.

06042015 017

Hand Bound Sketchbook

overdue5252015 103I had so much fun creating this sketchbook! I’ve had it in my head that all of these years of using paper and paper towels (as well as aprons, jeans and hand towels…) as a blotter for paintings would need to be reused somehow. Why not in a sketchbook? I was using these papers to test drawings on before heading to my sketchbook so this was a very natural progression. It combines my love of re-purposing as well as multi-media artwork. I love to sew but not avidly; I use it more to supplement my art or to make little crafts (such as my lavender sachets.) So I pulled out my watercolors, acrylics and some extra paper and got to work laying down a background, with the idea in mind that these colorful pages would be a background for drawings.

overdue5252015 060

overdue5252015 062I’ve written before about my love for textures and about how all of my paintings are based around that, which is where the idea for this sketchbook came from. Next up was to pull out my sewing machine where I decided to sew some designs onto a few pages as well as a photograph, before sewing it all together- my preferred means of binding it all together.

overdue5252015 064

overdue5252015 066

overdue5252015 074

overdue5252015 075

overdue5252015 077

overdue5252015 078

overdue5252015 080

overdue5252015 082

overdue5252015 084The sewing worked out really well, better than I had anticipated. The sketchbook has 15 pages (30 front and back) in which I sewed all together after sewing them together 3 at a time for extra strength. My only worry was that I would need a denim needle, which this sewing machine does not come with (I’m sure I could buy one for it but sewing machines and their accoutrements are NOT my specialty…) The photograph was also much easier to sew than I had expected and I loved finding a new way to add my prints to my work.

All in all, I am beyond happy with this sketchbook (as well as the process of making it) and look forward to making many more in the future, both bigger and travel sized. My next venture will be to make spiral bound sketchbooks with many more pages! xo, Ev.

overdue5252015 104

Caught My Eye, Traveling.

This is the road trip edition!


You really and truly can’t go wrong with a beach trip. There’s nothing like the sun, swimming in the salty water, playing in the waves… (Other favorite places include woods and the jungle!) This was taken at Good Harbor Beach in Gloucester, MA. (Sensing a favorite spot in the world from all of my posts?)


Niagra Falls… Next time we go we’ll have our kid in tow and we’re going to the Canadian side.

biltmoreProvidence, RI is such a cute city and it goes without saying that it has some cool coffee shops and great places to eat. We stayed at the Biltmore Hotel where it is rumored to have hosted satanic parties, decades ago. It’s dog friendly so of course we brought our dog, Sprocket, with us and needless to say, she was pretty spooked. We had to drop her off at a friend’s house 40 minutes away for the rest of the weekend! I highly recommend staying there just for the freaky factor. Nothing overly strange happened; there wasn’t a ghost sighting but we definitely felt the presence of something, and this was before we found out that the Biltmore is supposedly haunted (whoops.)

sprocket7This is Sprocket, in all of her glory. She was not in this good of a mood at the hotel.

p28 p29 p32These 3 were taken in Maine at a friend’s farm. They bought it knowing it was in need of some TLC but we all agreed that the outbuildings had some real charm. I tend towards textures, both in my artwork and in my photographs so this farm was heaven for me.

xo, Ev.

Caught My Eye

second download 151Middle Street in Gloucester, MA. I can never decide whether I like this photo better upright or sideways and the general consensus is equally split.

08032014 126I absolutely adore Lighthouse Beach and in the fall-spring, it is a popular beach to bring dogs. One of my favorite things to look for is sand dollars (it makes me very happy to see a plethora of live ones here!) It has the added benefit of being directly across the way of Wingearsheek Beach (another off season favorite of mine.)

canonrebel1stround 011There are some gorgeous mushrooms where I live!

04202014 120Ah, Half Moon Beach… This is a Gloucester favorite; located in the ever popular Stage Fort Park. This picture of Sprocket always reminds me of Snoopy.

08032014 077And last, but never, ever least, Lanes Cove.

xo, Ev.

DIY Canvas Corkboard

This one was an obvious choice for me. I like the concept of corkboards but instead of buying one and having yet another another item in my house, I decided to re-purpose one of the pre-stretched canvases I have laying around (I have a whole stack in my closet, thanks to a friend who is no longer allowed to paint due to chemical and olfactory sensitivities. Sad for her, great for me!) This isn’t a tutorial, just a project that I wanted to show off and hopefully inspire you to make some yourself (and share it with me, of course!)

03042015 001I used this piece of driftwood (at the bottom of the photo) to make the orange and white marks and got exactly the textured result I was looking for. The base coat I put on with a roller. As to what kind of roller it is… I’ve not been able to figure out what it’s specific purpose is. It’s not for house painting and it’s not for screen printing. Not that it matters, I have a habit of using objects to paint that weren’t designed with painting in mind, that’s my thing. It makes the process much more enjoyable for me and I rarely use paintbrushes as a result.

03042015 002

03042015 007I use regular push pins but I have half a mind to make some fun ones out of old jewelry and awesome stones I have laying around. But that is a post for another day. As always, I’d love to see what you come up with. Post it on instagram using the hashtag #knowloveknowcolor and get featured on my instagram site! xo, Ev.

Caught My Eye

Looking through photographs is very relaxing for me. My parents, when I was 11, bought me a camera for Christmas and it started a whole new hobby for me, one that I haven’t dropped since. It’s been a 20 year love affair- sometimes all consuming (I used to spend my lunch periods in a darkroom, maybe saving the last 5 minutes for a quick lunch.) I meet up with friends who also have dogs and on our walks they have learned to keep going while I take photos. I grew up using film but recently, within the past couple of years have switched primarily to digital. What can I say? 18 year old me is horrified at myself but I’ve come to learn that sometimes you just have to go where your art takes you. Good things always come of it in the end. I find with digital that I focus much less on technique (if at all) and experiment so much more.

So, with that said, welcome to my first blogging feature! Caught My Eye is devoted solely to the photographs that I have collected over the years, past & present. xo, Ev.

firstdownload 058East Gloucester.

firstdownload 066East Gloucester.

firstdownload 139Atlantic Beach, Florida. (One Ocean Resort. This was taken the weekend my husband proposed to me.)

firstdownload 314Dogtown. (This particular part is in Rockport, MA.)

firstdownload 318Lanesville, MA.

Easy Biodegradable Seed Starting Cups

3212015 003Seed starting is pure pleasure for me- it means that gardening is right around the corner. I absolutely love growing my own food as well as a myriad of interesting plants, which are picked for either their flower or foliage (sometimes both.) Three seasons ago I started gardening and as a result, starting plants from seed. Every season I try a new way to do so, just to experiment: the first year I used a seed starting kit that I ordered through Burpee and loved it- it was an eco-friendly self watering kit. Pretty fantastic and the set up couldn’t have been easier in any way. I will be using this set up again! Last year I used a basic set up that can be found at any hardware store- seed starting potting mix (I didn’t like the mix so this year I’m using a different one) and seed starter pots. I reused the Burpee tray minus the self watering mat. For my tomatoes I used eggshells and seed starter potting mix- I loved that set up and used the egg carton as a tray. Eggshells can go directly into the ground and fertilize the plant to boot. Can’t- and didn’t- go wrong there. The seed starter pots were not a favorite of mine and produced more waste than I wanted. I’m sure there are biodegradable ones but I didn’t come across any. This year, as you can see in the photo above, I am using newspaper as my seed starter pots as they are biodegradable and can be put right into the ground. I decided my mission this year was to use only what can be found at a grocery or hardware store- i.e., easily found and cheap items. For a tray I am using a foil roasting pan- I will reuse these for as long as they will hold up and they are ridiculously cheap. For markers I am using painted clothespins and am trying a new seed starting mix. (Note: I purposefully have chosen to not discuss which seed starting mixes I have used and am using this year because it isn’t necessary for this post. Every gardener has their own preferences and just because I do not like one does not mean it is an inferior product.)

You will need:




mason jar or tin can


seed starting mix

3212015 004The first step is really simple- cut up the newspaper. I did this by opening it up and cutting along the creases. From there I cut in half (width wise, not length wise.) Then I rolled up the mason jar in the newspaper as shown above, making sure to leave the mouth of the jar exposed.

3212015 005

Fold the ends into the mouth of the mason jar 3 times (as shown above.) At this point I would dip the folded bottom (with mason jar still inside) into the water to soak the paper, place the newly made newspaper cup onto a hard surface (I did this directly onto the green shelving of my greenhouse frame and it worked fine) and turn the mason jar back and forth a few times (while pushing down) to help shape the bottom of your newspaper cup.

3212015 006

This is what your cup should look like at this point.

3212015 007

Next up, fold the ends down. I dipped my fingers into the water to help shape the edges. From here I placed the soil into the cups and placed in the tray. I made as many newspaper cups as it took to fill the tray and then placed in the seeds. Once I marked them with my clothespins, I watered them and placed the greenhouse covering (a zipable, UV protected vinyl sheath- it works great!) and am now waiting to see the little guys grow.

3212015 008

3212015 009As you can see, I’m growing cucumbers, baby pam pumpkins (for pumpkin pies) and cherry tomatoes. I’ll be starting up new trays as I get some more seeds but the rest of my plants need to be direct sowed. What are you growing in your garden this year? xo, Ev.